1967’s Quatermass and The Pit (long known as Five Million Years to Earth in the states) is a huge favorite 3/4 the Assignment: Horror crew. What will Richard think of this classic science fiction horror film from the legendary Hammer film studios?

Listen in as the crew discuss Andrew Keir’s first turn as Professor Bernard Quatermass of the British Experimental Rocket Group as the world is once again threatened by an menace with origins in outer space, but that have had an established foothold on planet Earth since long before the events of the prior two Quatermass films. 

With a script by the great Nigel Kneale and the always solid hand of Roy Ward Baker doing the directing duties, Quatermass and the Pit blends the worlds of science fiction with the elements of black magic and ancient legend to tell the tale of a force that could bring about the end of the world. With James Donald, Barbara Shelley, and Julian Glover filling out the cast for the major roles, Quatermass and the Pit is also one of the most solidly acted films of its kind.

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