This time around the crew discusses one of the great so bad it’s good films in the form of The Keep. Intended by Michael Mann  to be his epic entry into the horror genre, it quickly devolved into a studio politics mess that everyone involved has disavowed over the years. So, of course, a good chunk of the Assignment: Horror crew love it. But will Richard be one of the ones who loves it after seeing it for the first time just before the recording of the podcast.

The film’s cast includes names like Jurgen Prochnow, Scott Glenn, Alberta Watson, Robert Prosky, Gabriel Byrne, William Morgan Sheppard, and Ian McKellen, and the film’s budget was impressive for its day. The story was adapted from the novel by F. Paul Wilson, and, in typical Hollywood fashion, greatly bastardized.

Who on the crew loves it? Who hates it? Where did Richard fall on the love hate scale? Download the show on iTunes, listen in on the SOUNDCLOUD page, or listen right here on the player below.

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