On the most recent Assignment Horror, we ended the show by teasing the next show’s topic as The Night Stalker. This is no longer going to be the case. my favorite monster hunter has been bumped a show or two down the road. However, I’m actually really cool with this. 

Part of why I’m really cool with this is that we’ll be reviewing an indie horror film I quite like as it hits it’s 10th anniversary. I also happen to know the people who were involved with making the film. One of them will be on the next show as a guest. The film is a zombie western called Fistful of Brains, the guest will be award winning North Carolina indie director, actor, writer, and FX artist Bill Mulligan.

Hopefully, on top of looking at one of the early indie films of Christine Parker’s career, we’ll be getting some fun discussion in about the making of indie films and some of the crazier stories about indie film-making from Bill’s ten-plus years of doing them. 

And now, for your consideration, the theme from Fistful of Brains. This is ‘Blood in the Wind’ performed by Blister. You can follow this back to the host site and purchase it for under $1 if it tickles your fancy.


Here is Fistful of Brains the movie at the Sick Chick Flicks YouTube page.

I like it, but I will admit that the sequel film, A Few Brains More: Summer of Blood, is a far better film in a number of ways. Some of that was from everyone just plain getting better at their craft. A large chunk of the onscreen improvement also involved new lead actors in the two pivotal roles.