This week’s assignment was a little different than the so far usual format. Not only was Richard a first time viewer, but John as well. Oh, and there was also a guest. This week’s show takes a look at a 2008 independent film from North Carolina, award winning independent filmmaker Christine Parker’s zombie western Fistful of Brains. Joining John, Becca, Richard, and, due to mid-show technical difficulties on his end, a disappearing Jerry is Bill Mulligan, award winning North Carolina filmmaker and FX artist. 


Fistful of Brains, written and directed by Christine Parker, was the second feature film from the group Parker started with friends, Adrenalin Films, is the story of charismatic snake oil salesman coming to a small town with an elixir of life that actually delivers on its promises. But there’s a nasty secret behind the promise, and an even nastier surprise for the townsfolk following the snake oil salesman to town. It involves zombies, but not just the moaning, mindless ones. 

How did Richard and John take to Fistful of Brains? You can find out by listening in on the Soundcloud page and on iTunes, or you can listen to the show here on the player below.


You can find Fistful of Brains on the YouTube page of one of the film groups Christine Parker is a part of, the Sick Chick Flicks Youtube page or you can purchase the film and  various other films and shorts by the groups here. You can also see it right here along with the continuation of the story, A Few Brains More: Summer of Blood.

* Fistful of Brains *


* A Few Brains More: Summer of Blood *

You can also find the theme song by Blister here.


From Discussions in the Show

Wild Bill Drake

The late Wild Bill Drake and his filmmaking ready town of Shadowhawk sits just a stone’s throw off of I-95 in Smithfield, NC. It was an amazing thing to see and walk through, and Bill was exactly the charming, old western cowboy host one would expect. A few years back, he moved to Tombstone and left Shadowhawk in the care of others. When he passed away in late 2017, the town was closed for a time in mourning. As of now, the town does not appear to have been reopened to visitors and film crews, but one hopes that his amazing work will again be able to be seen and enjoyed by others.

The town has a Facebook page here.

This is a quick look at the town. If you ever see it, you’ll appreciate the skill Christine Parker and crew had in their early days. It’s an impressive creation, but it’s much smaller than they made it look on screen. 


Here’s a longer look at the town and the man who built it.

The book referenced by Bill Mulligan, Angela Giddings’ Shadow into Light (Dance of Ages), can be found an Amazon here.

If you’re so inclined, the group is currently working on their next (and 5th) full length feature film, Blood of the Mummy, and is seeking patronage for the film. You can find the link below.


They’re taking contributions on their FUNDLY page here

You can find all of the Adrenalin Films and Sick Chick Flicks crews throughout the year on the film festival and convention circuit up and down the east coast. Bill Mulligan can also be heard as a regular contributor on The Decades of Horror podcasts; largely the 1970s era one. 

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