On The Assignment: Horror Podcast, Richard plays the part of almost the horror newbie. But that’s only true when it comes to the older and really, really older stuff that’s being thrown at him for that show. The truth is, Richard is a fan of horror and often a quite knowledgeable one. His overall relationship with horror is just largely of a more recent vintage than that of his Assignment: Horror cohorts. 

Richard is also an established podcaster with guest appearances on various shows and a regular slot as a host for one the Earth Station One Network shows. One of the podcasts he does is his personal project, the Subject Matter Podcast. It was on that podcast just a few short months ago that Richard and guest Chris DePetrillo discussed their love of the horror movies that came out of the 1990s. 

You can  listen to the show here or you can find it and other shows at Richard’s home on SoundCloud, Nerdy Laser. If you love the horror that came out of the 1990s even only half as much as these two do, you’ll love the show. 


If that trip through memory lane gets you in the mood for more talk of the movies of the 1990’s, the two of them covered the era in general in another episode. It’s not horror specific, but fun.


As always, thank you for listening to the show. Like the Richard’s show? Leave a comment here or on the Soundcloud page.