This week the crew looks at Jerry’s pick, the original television movie that introduced the world to Carl Kolchak, 1972’s Kolchak: The Night Stalker. It’s a solid favorite of the entire older school crew, but what will Richard think of it? 

For Jerry, this is one of the essentials of horror viewing. The rumpled, world-weary, everyman reporter who stumbles onto the story of a lifetime; a vampire in Las Vegas. The only question becomes whether or not he’ll survive the story. As John puts it, it was the role Darren McGavin was born to play. 


But the point of the podcast is to see what Richard thinks of these movies. Did Richard find the sarcastic, caustic, unlikable but lovable character and his story a worthy entry into his growing list of horror movies he’s seen? You can find out by checking out the podcast on the player below or by checking it out on the show’s Soundcloud page

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