This week’s assignment was chosen by John because of the year he was born and because it’s just a great film all around. X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes was at  the time of its filming the best of the Roger Corman science fiction efforts, and it’s a favorite of the Assignment Horror crew. But will Richard find it an entertaining cautionary tale of science (or a scientist) gone wrong or will he find it dated and stale? 


X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes may be Hollywood legend Ray Milland’s best work in the realm of the low budget science fiction world, and he made the most out of what the film’s script gave him to work with. Roger Corman proves once again that he was always a solid hand as a director, and perhaps one of the more overlooked directors when praise for such work is given. The rest of the cast and crew give it their all as well, and, as the Assignment: Horror crew discuss at some length, the film even features an excellent performance by legendary insult comedian Don Rickles playing a role almost completely against the type of role most people associate with him in their minds. 


But, in the end, as much as the old timer crew loves to talk about their love for such films, the point of the show is finding out what Richard thought about the film as a first time viewer. You can give a listen to the show here on this post with the embedded player below to find out. You can also stream the show from its SoundCloud homepage or downloaad the show on iTunes. 


Also, towards the end of the show, Jerry pays small tribute to the recently announced passing of James Hendricks. for those who don’t recognize the name, He was known to many a horror movie fan as Commander USA (Soaring super hero, Legion of Decency, retired.) of the Commander USA’s Groovie Movies show featured on the USA Channel in the 1980s. While the USA Channel let him have some of the bigger named films from time to time, his show was an introduction to many on a national platform for a lot of the fun, low budget, and occasionally so bad they’re good science fiction and horror films they would come to love. 

When you have the time, hop on over to YouTube to find a small ton of fan uploaded episodes of the Commander hosting some great (and not so great) movies; some with crazy 1980s commercials included. 

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