Roger Corman is 92 today. Happy Birthday to the man who changed Hollywood thanks to the “Corman School” and the over 350 movies with his name on them. 

You’ve given us a lot, Roger. Thank you, and Happy Birthday.

We actually just discussed two of the films with his name on them when we covered Queen of Blood and X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes



Huh… We seem to like Corman movies featuring characters with wacky eyes.

The worlds of Corman are many. Here’s the tiniest look at some of what he’s given us over his 92 years. Even pulled from YouTube, a few of these are a tad NSFW. 

These are trailers for two documentaries that cover a lot of Corman; one more obviously than the other. The first is a documentary on Corman specifically. The second is about the films American companies shot down in the Philippines in the 1970s; many of which were Corman films. 

A warning: Machete Maidens Unleashed is a very NSFW film, and even the tamed down trailer is still very NSFW. 

Once again, thanks for everything, Roger, and Happy Birthday.