We celebrated April Fool’s Day at The Assignment: Horror Podcast by turning the tables on our three older horror movie buffs. This episode, it’s John, Jerry, and Becca who find themselves locked in the dungeon and assigned a movie to watch by Richard. Richard’s assignment to the crew is a movie he stumbled across some time back and quite enjoyed, 2006’s Open Water 2: Adrift.


Open Water 2: Adrift is the first of the (so far) two direct to video sequels to the low budget 2003 survival horror film Open Water. The 2003 stranded in the water with sharks thriller wasn’t a world beater at the box office, grossing less than $55 million worldwide, but it was both a big buzz film and a money winner for the studio due to its (depending on the source) $120,000 to $500,000 budget. 

So, in the grand tradition of horror and exploitation cinema, the studios decided cash in on it by taking another film (written before Open Water was even released) not originally intended to be a sequel and slapping the first film’s name on it to make it a franchise film. Only, it’s a franchise film sequel for a shark movie that has absolutely no sharks in it. But the crew will get into that point- repeatedly and at length -on the show. 


So, what did our crew think of having the tables turned on them? What did they think of this film that Richard picked that they had (in one case not quite) never seen before? How far did one of out hosts go to be as incredibly diplomatic about his view of the film as possible while largely failing to be so? You can give a listen to the show here on the embedded player, stream the show on SoundCloud, or download the show on iTunes to find out. 


Anyone curious as to the John Dimes book Jerry references when discussing the film can find it here on Amazon- There Are No Bad Movies (Only Bad Audiences) by Dr. W.E.B Sarcofiguy (Author) and John Dimes (Contributor). Just a note: Sarcofiguy is John Dimes. John Dimes is a Northern Virginia horror host, movie event presenter, and convention speaker as well as an artist and writer, and There Are No Bad Movies (Only Bad Audiences) is a book written in the voice of his horror host alter ego explaining the philosophy that he applies to critiquing “bad” movies and their audiences. 

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