This week’s assignment is Becca’s pick, the classic tale of loss and the paranormal best known as The Haunting of Julia. The movie serves up a well crafted tale of horror and sports a magnificent cast of actors that anyone who loves 1970s era British horror will instantly recognize.


Originally titled, Full Circle, the film didn’t see an official US release until 1981 when it failed to light the box office on fire as The Haunting of Julia. This was a repeat of its failure to find an audience in the UK as Full Circle in 1977. However, over the years the film has found a strong, loyal audience and become considered something of a classic of the genre. It’s easy to see why when you watch it. 

Becca picked it because she was a big fan, but what did Richard and the others think of the movie? You can find out what everyone thought of the film by listening to the player below, streaming the show on SoundCloud, or downloading the show on iTunes. 


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