This week the crew are talking about the visual and narrative insanity that is 1985’s Lifeforce. This film was the Cannon Group’s attempt to jump into the big budget (looking at least) science fiction filmmaking. The attempt was a mixed bag, and people either love it or hate it. Also, bonus new viewer material- It turned out that John had never actually seen the entire film from start to finish either.


This was Jerry’s rather enthusiastic pick, so it’s obvious where he landed on the like/don’t like scale. But what about the others; especially the two members of the crew who had never seen the film before? The opinions were fairly varied, and Richard’s view of the film came as a bit of a surprise to Jerry. 

What did everyone think of the film? Just how punchy was Jerry due to recording during his hectic weekend as a guest at ConCarolinas? Was Becca still having fun busting John’s chops? Did they all go off topic when the subject of the era of the Cannon Films Group came up? Find out by downloading the show on iTunes, following the show on SoundCloud, or listening with the player below. 

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Lifeforce 1985