Here’s a little something different, a bit of a bonus episode for you. Jerry was a guest and panelist at ConCarolinas this year, and he was able to record a number of the panels he was on. One of these panels was a discussion about the King of the Monsters and why he’s not simply just another overgrown creature stomping buildings and people flat. 

Jerry shared the ConCarolinas’ stage with a number of ConCarolinas’ regulars- Sherman Burris, Jeremy Bryant, and Jason Gilbert -who you should check out whenever they show up at a convention near you. Links at the bottom of the article for those who have pages you may want to check out. 

Not Just Another Kaiju

So, without further ado…

We hope you enjoy this bonus episode of the show. 

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Now, go check out one of Jerry’s fellow speakers. 

Jason Gilbert 

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Jason on Amazon –

ConCarolinas –

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