In 1977, children in the UK looked at their television screens and heard for the first time the oddly unnerving sounds of the theme music of Children of the Stones. It would become a hugely popular young viewers series, a complete story told in seven episodes, and it would stay with viewers for decades after they saw it. Thanks to the still fairly young American cable network Nickelodeon, American children would have the same experience in 1983. They, just like their counterparts across the pond, would fondly remember the series for decades after they saw it. 


One of those kids in 1983 was a young Jerry. Having loved this series from the time he saw it way back when, it became one of those “anybody remember” shows he often brought up with friends and at geek gatherings. He wrote about it for one of his website gigs as well.  So, it was only a matter of time before it came up on the show as a nostalgia pick for him.

If you’ve never seen it, check it out on YouTube. Right now, that’s the only way you can in the US other than finding a used DVD and paying a fair chunk more than most fans paid buying it new when Acorn first released it on DVD in the US. 

One of the reasons Jerry suggested it was the belief that the series- despite being aimed at younger viewers -not only had enough there to keep the moms and dads interested as their kids watched back when it first aired, but that the series would still be watchable for an older first time viewer in this day and age. There were actually two people able to speak on that during the show. 

So, what did Richard think of the very long Children of the Stones? Check out the show and find out by listening here, at the show’s SoundCloud page, or on iTunes. 

You can find the novel based on the show and the sequel story discussed on the podcast on Kindle HERE. The DVD is, as mentioned above, out of print. 


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