It was 1989. Someone somewhere decided that a movie about a Leave it to Beaver family in the 1950s who were actually cannibals murdering people to make leftovers out of was a good idea. Moviegoing audiences in 1989 didn’t seem to think it was a good idea, but, eventually, thanks to home video and cable television, it found a loyal audience who did think it was a good idea. That film was 1989’s Parents

Back in the day, he only PRETENDED to be crazy

Parents was Becca’s pick as well as being an old favorite of both Becca and John. It turned out that Jerry got to (at least in part) play the part of Richard this episode as Jerry had never seen the entire film. So, what did Jerry and Richard think of this week’s trip to the surreal, cannibalistic 1950s by way of late 1980s Hollywood? Check out the show to find out. 


Parents is definitely a crazy cult favorite for fans of horror cinema, and one that’s worth checking out. It can be found as an online rental through services like Vudu and YouTube. Give it a try and see which members of the crew you most agree and disagree with on where Parents lands on your list of horror movies. 

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And now a shout out this week to some friends of the show.


Guest of the show Bill Mulligan (Fistful of Brains) has seen one of his stories was turned into the short film Belladonna under the direction of Brett Mullen. Belladonna had a terrific showing at the Wreak Havok Film festival, winning itself three prestigious awards. Right on the heels of that news, the news broke that the film has been accepted for The Optical Theatre Festival in Italy and nominated for best cinematography. 

Congratulations Bill and Brett. You both deserve it.

So, for the crew, until the next podcast…