Vincent Price – May 27th / Christopher Lee – May 27th / Peter Cushing – May 26th

ConCarolinas took place June 1 – 3 of this year, so it took place on the first weekend after the birthdays of three of horror’s most enduring icons. Some of the powers that be decided that this year these three men should get their own panel discussion. The Assignment: Horror Podcast’s Jerry Chandler was on hand to be a part of that discussion, and we now present to you for the Halloween season the ConCarolinas panel, Happy Birthday Fathers of Fear

Also on hand to keep Jerry from talking nonstop for the entire panel was moderator Bill Mulligan and fellow panelists Jeremy Bryant, Michael G. WilliamsJason Gilbert, and Micki Knop. Amazingly, no blunt objects or threats of their use were required to convince Jerry to take the occasional break from talking. 


Give it a listen, check out the creative works of the various authors and indie filmmakers that were a part of the panel, and check out the convention’s website


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Bonus- Here’s another ConCarolinas panel we released earlier this year.