Well, in one case, it’ll be the podcasting Needless Things that Richard got into that we’ll be highlighting here.

Richard does more with podcasts than just The Assignment: Horror Podcast, We’ve joked on the show about the fact that John, Richard, and (occasionally) Jerry do the Pro Wrestling Roundtable together, but he also has his own show, Nerdy Laser, over on the Earth Station One Network where he occasionally covers the scary as well as the nerdy. He’s also sought after as a guest on various podcasts in the ESO Network as well as outside the network. 


Richard’s primary podcasting gig outside of The Assignment: Horror Podcast is Nerdy Laser. Nerdy Laser (formally The Subject Matter podcast) is Richard’s outlet to talk all things 1990s, but he occasionally breaks that format to talk current events in wrestling, the odd convention, and horror. Although, most of the horror tends to still be 90s related. 

This month, Richard has been hitting horror subject matter on Nerdy Laser that doesn’t fit The Assignment: Horror Podcast’s format because, well, he’s seen it already. But the discussions are still fun to listen to and worth checking out. So far this month, Richard and guests have hit the following topics.

Episode 11: Ernest Scared Stupid

Episode 12: Misery (1990)

Episode 13: The Attraction Of Haunted Houses

Oh, and the Assignment: Horror Podcast’s John Neal is a guest on the discussion about Misery.


In between duties on the Pro Wrestling Roundtable podcast, Nerdy Laser, and The Assignment: Horror Podcast, Richard took a vacation by visiting Dave West’s Needless Things podcast. How was it a vacation? As he and Dave joked during the podcast, it’s practically a vacation being a podcaster and getting to visit a podcast where you don’t have to do the recording and editing chores.

For those of you who don’t know, Richard is the man on the various podcasts he’s usually on. He handles the recording end of it, and, for now, he handles all of the editing duties as well. Without his work on the various podcasts, you’d be subjected to hours of John telling stories of way back when and hours of Jerry stream of conscious pontificating on the nature of such and such in every episode they’re on. So, send him a huge thanks for the often overlooked and underappreciated duties he performs when you have the chance, and maybe a few crates of BC Powder as well. 

But, this month saw Richard taking a podcasting vacation over in Dave West’s podcasting playground to discuss the creepy, spooky, and macabre of the Halloween season and what Dave, Ryan Cadaver, Salena Balls, and Richard do to “get in a Halloweeny frame of mind.” 

Needless Things Podcast 233 – Let’s Get Spooky!


Digging into the ESO Network and Pro Wrestling Roundtable archives, here’s a wrestling discussion focused on the horror gimmicks and concepts found in the squared circle over the decades. Richard, John, and Jerry are joined by independent wrestling star Trevor Aeon to talk horror in wrestling. 

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Podcast Ep 63 – Horror In Wrestling


Jerry has played in a few podcasting sandboxes over the last few years as well. His favorite horror related discussion appearances have been for Gruesome Magazine’s Decades of Horror programs and a horror related Doctor Who discussion on the ESO Network’s Earth Station Who podcast. Here are a handful of episodes for your horror listening pleasure.

Tombs Of The Blind Dead (1971) – Episode 30 – Decades Of Horror 1970s

Psychomania (1973) – Episode 49 – Decades Of Horror 1970s

Night Of The Demon (Aka Curse Of The Demon, 1957) – Episode 28 – Decades Of Horror: The Classic Era

Earth Station Who Episode 133 – The Curse of Fenric


And, of course, well, a few The Assignment: Horror Podcast episodes to round out your weekend. You didn’t think we were going to leave ouselves out, did you? 

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Oh, and, as the big day isn’t all that far away, Happy Halloween, everybody.