It was a knockdown, drag-out fight to the finish after we posted the poll to find out what you the listeners wanted to have us give Richard as an assignment and hear us discuss. For a long time, Chopping Mall was holding a slim lead over Prince of Darkness, and everything else was a distant 3rd, 4th, and 5th. In the last week of voting, the two films traded the #1 spot back and forth before, finally, the poll ended with Prince of Darkness edging it out by just two votes.


For John, Becca, and Jerry, Prince of Darkness is a longtime favorite and an underrated and criminally overlooked classic. For at least one of them, it’s discussed as the absolute favorite of all of John Carpenter’s works. So, what did Richard think of Prince of Darkness? Play the episode and find out right here, on iTunes, or on the show’s SoundCloud homepage


Prince of Darkness is an absolutely wonderful film and one you should have on your Halloween season playlists. Perhaps John Carpenter’s most legitimately chilling and scary film, it is a film that from beginning to end puts his mastery of horror filmmaking powerfully on display in ways that few of his other films can match. Seemingly lost in the shuffle for many horror fans, this is a cult favorite that deserves a much larger audience and wider recognition. 

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Never seen Prince of Darkness but want to see what the fuss is about? You need to buy this movie ASAP. The special edition Blu-Ray that’s on the market is not only an absolutely beautiful print, but it has a number of bonus features looking back at the making of the film that are each and every one worth looking at. You can find this edition of the film on Amazon, but I’m sure you can also order it through your local shops as well.