If you only listen to one podcast this year… You probably need to start listening to more podcasts. But if you only listen to one podcast that went off the rails this year, this is the episode for you as the crew discusses the 1996 werewolf film, Bad Moon

Bad Moon was a part of one of the last generations of direct to video horror that made their money off of cable TV sales and horror fans hitting the local VHS rental store looking for their weekend fright fix. These films ranged from surprisingly good to dreadfully bad. The problem with Blood Moon is it sits somewhere in the middle of that range. It’s not good enough to be a great horror discovery, and it’s not bad enough in that right way to love for its horribleness. As such, well, most of the crew (other than guest Chris Sakowski) watched it while looking a bit like this…


What do you get when our crew of regulars doesn’t hate a movie but don’t love it or find it to be a so bad it’s good gem? Well… You get…

But it wasn’t all negativity or indifference. This film was like quite a few lower budget horror films from that era. They blew most of their production budget to make a creature worthy of a creature feature ten times better than the one it was ultimately stuck in. The werewolf looked damned good. 

Bad Moon, Good Werewolf

Oh, and, just so you know,  this is the edited and trimmed down version of the episode. The version where everyone (and everything) goes gloriously off the rails in complete trainwreck fashion is available (along with a number of other perks and exclusives) to our subscribers to our Patreon page, Palaver Productions. It’s actually somewhat hilarious, although, possibly, you’ll occasionally feel bad for Chris as his film pick is picked on mercilessly. 

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