This week, the regular crew is joined by Issac Cain to discuss the early Jim Wynorski classic from the 1980s- Chopping Mall. This often overlooked movie is a wonderful example of the type of fun, goofy horror movie from that era. But what did Richard think of it?


From start to finish, Chopping Mall is a bat guano crazy experience. A shopping mall buys a new, cutting-edge robot security system that would be more at home in a Robocop film than a then-contemporary set horror film. A group of friends decides to have a night out for laughs and sex (mostly sex) and choose as their preferred destination for this a shop in the mall after closing time. This may actually make some sense. It was the 80s. They may have lived near a camp in the woods by a lake with an impressive record of deaths, so the great outdoors might not have been a viable option. 

From there, it becomes an orgy of laser-filled, head exploding death as technology goes bad.


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