More than just a few years back, zombies were becoming a big thing in pop culture again for the first time in a long time. This brought out a lot of people making a lot of “expert” observations on zombies that were not quite… factual. Jerry responded to some of that.

Recently, some of the same stuff has started going around again. Jerry’s comments from back then still apply even if his tone from back then might not.

From reading this again now, it’s apparent he’s mellowed more than just a tad bit in the last seven years.

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Look, I don’t really care if anyone with an opinion wants to share it. I really don’t even have a problem with people who don’t bother to have informed opinions wanting to share their opinions when it comes to issues like entertainment and what they like or dislike in their horror. Hey, as they often say, everyone has opinions. People see various things and, for whatever intangible reasons, they decide they like or dislike things based on their own whims of taste. If you ask them to articulate the why behind their tastes, they’ll come up with a lot of reasons they present as in-depth analysis and (almost) as facts.
Not really a problem there. Hell, I do it. That’s half the fun of discussing things with fellow geeks no matter what your personal favorite genre is. Debating the finer points of who has the worst tastes in your…

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