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In this episode, the crew takes a look at 1981’s Galaxy of Terror. Long knocked by some as an Alien ripoff and cash-in, this Roger Corman produced science fiction/horror cult classic was anything but a ripoff. 

Galaxy of Terror– directed by Bruce Clark and written by Clark and Mark Siegler on an outline by William Stout -may have been made to ride the science fiction/horror wave created in the wake of Alien’s release, but, as the crew discuss, it was its own movie with a plot that had little in common with Alien. Not that it had not ties to the Alien franchise at all, mind you. “Corman School” alumnus James Cameron had a hand in the production design and a young Bill Paxton worked on the set decoration. Five years later, both would have a hand in 1986’s Aliens

The film also had a fair number of familiar faces to fans of science fiction, horror, mainstream television, and Roger Corman’s earlier films; the most notable at the time being My Favorite Martian’s Ray Walston. 


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