The look on Richard’s face as he watched the movie…


Yes, it’s true. We made Richard watch 1973’s The Wicker Man. Well, actually John did as this was his pick. We’ll say this now about Richard’s reaction to the film- I think he probably liked it more than he would have liked the Nic Cage starring remake. Outside of that…


A cult movie in more way than one that takes place on an island and makes you think it is a murder mystery. By the end, you know this is not the case and as it comes to the unsettling truth. Join the gang in this discussion about a man made of wicker!

So grab that slice of pizza and your favorite beverage and listen along to another horrific episode of The Assignment: Horror Podcast.

The scene that was ruined for John thanks to the creation of television sets with better video resolution. You can now clearly spot the skin-colored leotards.

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