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About The Assignment: Horror Podcast

Welcome to the blog of  The Assignment: Horror Podcast where you will find both the podcast and additional horror-related musings.

The original concept for the podcast was a simple one. Richard is a horror fan, but his knowledge of horror films is largely centered around the 1990s and later. While he has seen the odd older film, his horror viewing over the years has been greatly lacking in many of the films from classic eras of the genre.

Enter John, Becca, and Jerry, Having subdued Richard and locked him in a dungeon with a large screen TV and an old VHS player for his own good, the trio of horror hounds assign him a film as required viewing once every two weeks. He’s then released from his underground prison just long enough to discuss his take on these films.

The various episodes of The Assignment: Horror Podcast can be found on Soundcloud and on iTunes as well as on the related posts here on this blog.


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